Do Deer Eat Marigolds? (7+ Ways to Keep Them Out of the Garden)

Deer are a common problem for gardeners, but thankfully there are steps you can take to deter them. In this blog article, we cover 7 ways to keep deer away from your garden. As the title suggests, this post is part of a series that focuses on keeping wildlife out of the yard. Check out this series on 6 Ways to Keep Deer Away from Your Garden.

1. Deer are scared of plants that are fragrant and look like food.

When you’re looking for ways to keep deer out of your garden, it can be helpful to know what deer don’t like. In this blog post, we talk about how deer avoid the scents of 4 common garden flowers: bird of paradise, dahlia, honeysuckle and jasmine. When those aromatic plants bloom in the spring, white-tailed deer tend to shy away from them. They will also stay clear of plants with brightly colored flowers or leaves that look like foods they prefer: sunflowers, squash and blueberries.

The 7 Ways to Keep Deer Away from Your Garden

Deer can be a nuisance when they are in your garden, but there are ways to keep them away. Here are the seven most common methods:

1. Keep Your Garden Clean: A clean garden will scare deer away. Make sure to clean up any leaves or branches that have fallen on the ground, and remove any piles of dirt or stones.

2. Use Scare Tactics: Some people use scare tactics to keep deer away from their gardens. This can include setting up loud noises or squealing tires in the area.

3. Use fences: A fence can be a great way to keep deer out of your garden. You can buy a fence that is specifically designed to keep deer out, or you can build one yourself using bricks, wood boards, and wire mesh.

4. Use Plants That Deer Avoid: Certain plants can help to deter deer from your garden. For example, planting garlic or cilantro near your garden will make them shy away from the area.

5. Install Motion-Activated Sprinklers: If you want to use scare tactics and avoid having to install fencing, you can install motion-activated sprinklers in your garden. These sprinklers will spray water at a

Why, How and When to Plant Marigolds in Your Garden

There are many ways to keep deer away from your garden, and one of the most effective is to plant marigolds in your garden. Deer hate the smell of marigolds, and will stay away from gardens where they can’t find food.

Marigolds can be planted in both ornamental and edible gardens. They are a great way to add color and fragrance to your garden, while also providing some protection against deer. Marigolds can be grown as part of a mixed flower bed, or as a standalone herbaceous plant.

To ensure that marigolds Blooming In The Shade Bloom Well, water them regularly, fertilize them once a month with a general purpose fertilizer, and weed them regularly. They are very easy to care for, and produce a fantastic flower head that should be enjoyed by you and your family.Harvesting Marigolds is also an excellent way to utilize them in your garden. Harvest flowers from the marigold plants just after they bloom, as this will help ensure that there are plenty of flowers available every year. A simple harvest of just one or two marigolds is all that is needed, which will provide you with enough flowers for personal use during the year. Harvesting marigolds can also be used to help control deer populations, which will help keep your garden safe from these pesky animals! Marigolds are a great herbaceous plant because they provide not only beauty, but also great value. If

Suggestions For Picking Marigolds at the Store

1. one way to keep deer away from your garden is to pick marigolds at the store. These flowers attract deer away from your garden, as they are a favorite food of the deer.

2. Another way to keep deer away from your garden is to use plants that deer do not like. For example, aloe Vera plants repel deer, while yarrow shrubs deter them from coming near your plants.

3. You can also make noise to scare away deer. Try using an air horn or clapping your hands loudly when walking around your garden.

How to Grow Marigolds Indoors or Outdoors

One of the best ways to keep deer away from your garden is to grow marigolds around your plants. Marigolds are a brightly cultured flower that deer hate. They will avoid coming near your plants if you have marigold flowers surrounding them.

You can also grow marigolds indoors using a pot. Place the pot in a sunny spot and water it regularly. Marigolds will bloom in about three weeks. Once the flowers have wilted, remove them and replace them with new plants.

You can also grow marigolds outdoors using a pot. Make sure you select a variety that is deer resistant, such as ‘California Sunrise’. Plant the pot in a sunny spot and water it regularly. Marigolds will bloom in about three weeks. Once the flowers have wilted, remove them and replace them with new plants.


Deer are one of the most problematic animals when it comes to gardeners. They can eat everything in sight, ruin your plants and flowers, and leave you with a huge repair bill. There are a few tips that will help keep deer away from your garden and ensure that you have a healthy and productive garden to enjoy! 1. Green Pastures This tip is not only great for deer; it’s also beneficial to your garden and lawn. The smell of a freshly mown lawn will keep the deer at bay and at a distance. You can mow your lawn when it is not in full bloom and then let it sit for several days before cutting again. Doesn’t cut long grass, though, as this might attract other animals to the area. 2. Grass Clippings If you are looking to use grass clippings as mulch between plants or around trees, make sure not to put them directly on top of your soil as this could be fatal for some types of insects that live in the soil like worms, ants, roaches.

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